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Hello, and welcome to the MG Car Club Midland Centre's new website. After more than 10 years operating with the previous model, we felt it was time to renew and refurbish our website with the intention of making it cleaner, easier to navigate, and more relevant to today's mobile communications world. With that in mind, we have reduced the presentation size of the pages to make them more useable on tablets and mobile phones. We hope you will like this new format. Please note that the site is still under development, and new items will be added throughout the coming weeks, so please visit us regularly to avoid missing anything.

Our history of Motorsport and Social events offers support and meetings throughout the eight Midlands counties and, together with our various local MG groups, we look forward to providing continued gatherings within the Midlands area. For details of your local Natter, please click on the 'Natters' link above.

A prime example of the events we organise is our annual Welsh Rallye - see selected photos below. This regularly attracts more than 40 cars, their drivers and passengers for a 150-mile drive around the quiet country roads of Wales, all encompassed within a 2-night stay at a quality hotel. Details of this and other events can be found on the 'Events' page - again, just click on the link above.

Coronavirus (Covid-19)
The current situation regarding coronavirus may result in many public events being either cancelled or at least severely curtailed. This may apply to events being organised by various MG groups, including the Midland Centre. We strongly advise our members to check with the organisers of any event which you may be thinking of attending, before leaving home, to ascertain whether or not it is still being held. Updates affecting Midland Centre events will be displayed here and may be issued in Centre email bulletins

For some time the Midland Centre has been looking for a site to run an Autosolo. This is a forward-only version of an autotest, ideal for unmodified road cars, they must be driven to the event and have an MOT. The rules allow for a passenger as young as 12 and a driver aged 14, though not in the same car!  Curborough is the venue we have in mind, and the MGCC already has an invitation from the Cannock and District Car Club to compete there. If you want a fun day out then visit www.cdcc.org.uk or see them on Facebook. An ideal opportunity to exercise your daily driver and still get to work on Monday morning. For more info, go to the 'News' page.

Covid-19 Rules & Regulations

We have placed some information on this subject on the 'News' page ...

Midland Centre Summer Sprint
Looks like this event went very well. See 'Event Report' page for comment from Centre Chairman, Roger King ...

Midland Centre Autumn Trial
By all accounts the Autumn Trial was once again a success. For futher details please go to our 'News' page ...

Next Events ...  
  • The events shown below are still scheduled to take place. However, in light of the current and possibly future coronavirus restrictions, members are strongly advised to check with named organisers before committing to any event, particularly where payment is required.
  • 27 September 2020
    Midland Centre Autumn Trial

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Are your personal details correct at Kimber House?

It cannot have escaped most peoples notice that much more correspondence and general communication in business is being conducted via the medium of websites and electronic mail, and this will only increase in the future. Clearly, the use of email makes it easier, faster and (as importantly) cheaper for clubs like the MGCC to communicate with its members.

However, this can only be successful if members' details at Kimber House are accurate and up-to-date. In the recent past, the Midland Centre Committee has undertaken its own checks on personal records, and has uncovered numerous inaccuracies, particularly with email addresses; for example, full-stops in the wrong place, spaces between characters where there should be none, hyphens instead of underscores, etc., etc.

On that basis, the Committee would recommend that all Midland Centre members check their own personal details with Kimber House to ensure that their records are accurate, especially any email addresses.

Members are now able to make amendments using the
MG Car Club Website.
Click links below for either option.
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If you need further assistance, please contact MGCC Membership Secretary Liz Allsworth on 01235 849734
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