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Download the 2021 Midlands Centre Calendar    HERE

Our history of Motorsport and Social events offers support and meetings throughout the eight Midlands counties and, together with our various local MG groups, we look forward to providing continued gatherings within the Midlands area. For details of your local Natter, please click on the 'Natters' link above.

A prime example of the events we organise is our annual Welsh Rallye - see selected photos alongside.

This regularly attracts more than 40 cars, their drivers and passengers for a 150-mile drive around the quiet country roads of Wales, all encompassed within a 2-night stay at a quality hotel.

Details of this and other events can be found on the 'Events' page - again, just click on the link above.

Leading News ...
The Midland Centre firmly believe that its time to consider some new ideas for getting the MG's meeting again in our region during the Spring and Summer in 2021.

Our regular events which the Centre organise like the Spring Sprint to be held at Curborough on Sunday 11th April, Welsh Rallye Run which takes place from Friday 14th to Sunday 16th May, with entries opening during January, if you are interested please submit your request via our 'Events' page. Our Summer Sprint is again at Curborough on Sunday 1st August and the Autumn Trial at Burton Dassett Hills Country Park on Sunday 26th September, will continue again in 2021, Covid restrictions allowing.

It is planned that some New Events will join the Calendar to enable Midland Centre Members to have a Run out in their MG's and give them the opportunity to meet fellow owners and enjoy some real MG Midland Fellowship. Being aware that some local MG Groups and Natters already arrange long standing runs like the Charnwood Caper in May and the Ratae Run in June, we will try to avoid date clashes and these new events are listed below:-

Regularity Run in the Morning of Saturday 5th June, is planned to take place in Herefordshire, more details will be released later in January.

Naviscat takes place in the Afternoon of Saturday 5th June, This style of event involves plotting onto an Ordnance Survey 1:50000 scale map twenty or twenty-four clue-point locations and then selecting a maximum of three quarters of them to visit. They will likely be within a radius of eight to ten miles of the start and the plotting will require an understanding of basic navigation techniques such as grid references, tulip diagrams, map symbols, spot heights or herringbone diagrams.

5 x Super Natter Evenings - New for 2021 is a series of what we have dubbed Super Natters and will take place on Tuesday 11th May, Tuesday 8th June Tuesday 13th July, Tuesday 10th August and Tuesday 14th September. Meeting at 5.30pm at the British Motor Museum, Gaydon. We have teamed up with the Museum`s monthly Evening Gatherings when members can take an early evening drive


to meet up with like minded colleagues, and tear into a burger and partake of a coffee.

Chairman's Summer Event on Sunday Afternoon 29th August starting at Longbridge and also finishing at the British Motor Museum, Gaydon, we invite you to  take you own refreshments, but take advantage of the chance to get together with an expected few hundred MG owners.

In total, the Midland Centre are planning 14 specific events during the year and we would really like as many of you to be involved with them, so take this opportunity to add them into your personal diary now.

For more information, continued updates and the very latest news on them all please follow the link to the 'Events' page throughout the year. In addition a full list of the forthcoming two months events will be listed within the Midlands Centre page in all monthly Safety Fast Magazines during 2021.

If you would like more information on any of these events please contact the Midland Centre using our 'Email Us' link on the top right of each web page at any time and we will gladly give you more details on them and how you can join us.

Next Events ...  
    Curborough near Lichfield - A round of the
    MGCC Speed Championship

    Entry Forms will be available soon.

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Coronavirus (Covid-19)
The current situation regarding coronavirus may result in many public events being either cancelled or at least severely curtailed. This may apply to events being organised by various MG groups, including the Midland Centre. We strongly advise our members to check with the organisers of any event which you may be thinking of attending, before leaving home, to ascertain whether or not it is still being held. Updates affecting Midland Centre events will be displayed here and may be issued in Centre email bulletins.
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